Complete Acrylic Painting Kits For Beginners

This complete acrylic paint set is a great gift for beginners and professionals alike. These acrylic paint kits includes all the art supplies you need for your next painting and saves you a ton of time from having to shop for different brands.

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Our acrylic paint is 100% non-toxic and makes a great starter set for all kids 4 and up. The acrylic colors dry quickly which allows you to add multiple layers to your artwork and display almost instantly. Let their imagination fill up the blank canvas for painting and enhance their skills of organizing stuff with our craft storage box.

Why You Will This Art Kit

1) One-Stop-Shop -This kit has everything you need to get started; all for one killer price.  Try ordering all of these items on your own and you will easily be looking at doubling the cost.

Discover all of the acrylic paint supplies inside this kit.

2) 10X The Acrylic Paint as Other Kits – Beware of other acrylic paint kits that only provide a sample size of each color.  Our paint tubes are up to 10 times larger than most of our competitors.  More paint = more practice and more masterpieces to create.

3) Designed by Artist for Artist – The kit is designed with the beginner artist in mind, and it’s convenient and practical.  This kit comes with the option of a pink or green art storage bin.

Accessories Included in Acrylic Paint Kits

Acrylic Paint Set

Includes an 8 piece paint set of vivid colors (each tube is 60ml or 2 ounces). This set provides all the colors needed to create your own color wheel and also includes a FREE e-book to walk you through the steps of creating your own color wheel.

15 Piece Paint Brush Set

The brush set includes a variety of different size brushes, allowing you the ability to paint those small details with the smaller brushes and quickly cover up the canvas with a larger one.  As an extra bonus, it also includes a palette knife and a circle sponge.

Art Storage Box

Carry around all of your supplies like a pro with our stylish art storage box.  Includes two adjustable trays that combine storage capacity and convenience.   The storage box comes in two vivid color options (green and pink). 

Table Easel

Properly secure your canvas, canvas panel, wood, or paper in position as you paint with this table easel.  It’s compact size and flexibility make it a fun way to paint anywhere.

Multiple Canvas Options

Each canvas has an absorbent cotton fabric coverings. These canvases work well with heavy body acrylics, colored pencils, infusible ink, and oil paints.

My Art Adventure

This FREE eBook is jammed packed with painting tutorials, exercises, and coloring pages. Designed by Amy it's the perfect guide to get you started painting.

What is Acrylic Painting

Picture of family doing an acrylic painting project together

As a beginner painter, it can be intimating trying to figure out where to begin.  Should I try oil painting, acrylics, or watercolor?  We suggest starting with acrylic paint because it dries quickly and is easy to work with.

Acrylic paint is a quick-drying paint that is made of vivid color pigment suspended in an acrylic polymer emulsion. Acrylic polymer emulsions are precisely what you think: a proportionate combination of acrylics, polymers, and emulsions.

The concept of each of these goes beyond the scope of our discussion. Nonetheless, it’s best to think of them as germane tools necessary for stunning art.

Acrylic Painting Benefits

Acrylic paints are mystical – they are water-soluble, but become waterproof when dry.

Acrylic paints are kings of versatility.  Unlike other oil paints with favorites, they are suitable on whatever surface your prefer.  You can use acrylics on wood, canvas, canvas panel, ceramic, paper and even fabric.

Acrylic paints are unique in that they can take on all forms of other paintings.

You might have seen an acrylic painting at some point, and mistaken it for an oil painting, watercolor, or a gouache.  The finished heavy body appearance of an acrylic painting is hinged on how diluted it is with water, gels, or other mediums.

Acrylics are not a high-maintenance medium. 

They are consistent and their textures are also controllable.

Acrylics dry quickly so you can paint fast with multiple color layers.

It's great to paint as a family
Let's Get To Painting!