DIY Gifts That Say I Love You

Level: Beginner

Estimated Time: 20 Mins

Learn how to create the perfect I love you gift


Project Overview

Saying I love you should be part of your daily routine.  This project outlines the steps needed to create a custom love note that you can update daily with the little things you love about your partner.

It makes the perfect gift for your significant other because it is the gift that keeps on giving as you can erase daily and write new messages.  Make you notes sweet or funny, it’s your choice how you would like to use this DIY gift.  

Quick Summary

Step by Step

1. Prepare Your Palette
Get a mix of paint together on your pallete
Make sure you have plenty of white for this project. In addition to white, I like to use a buff/cream color and 1-2 other “fun” colors – like versions of blue. Your piece needs to stay relatively light so that the messages will be easy to read.
2. Rough Up Your Surface 
Use one of these 3 techniques to rough up your surface
​This is the fun part! Use some of the optional materials to play with your paper. Try scribbling with your non-dominate hand. Take out a stencil and go wild! Use a toilet paper roll as a stamp. You can’t mess it up at this stage, just have fun and enjoy making new marks. Surprise yourself, it’s the little things that you will notice on your piece!
3. Add Unifying Color
Add a color that brings the card together
Blend some areas of your notecard to unify the piece. Pro tip: Buff and white are your friends! Try mixing your cream or white colors with one of your more fun colors. Apply the paint throughout the notecard to unify the piece. Want to add more stencils? Go for it! Look to achieve balance at this step.
4. Add White If Needed
Add white to your card if needed
Remember, this piece needs to be light for the words to show up. If needed, take your credit card or brush and apply white in the center of the notecard to lighten it up. Make sure the writing area is light enough for the dry erase marker.
5. Write Message
Practice makes perfect. Test to see what message you like the best
Let the piece dry and write your message on top with a black marker. Practice writing “I love you because…” a few different ways on a piece of scratch paper first. If you aren’t comfortable writing on your project with a marker, writing with a pencil first is a great way to see if you like the style and then you can go over it with the black marker. Make sure the writing is big enough and easy to read.
6. Assemble
I love you because you support my art
This is the most rewarding part of the project! Take your spiffy notecard and insert it into your clear frame. You can get one that is magnetic and goes on the fridge (our personal favorite), or you can use one that sits on the countertop. Once the art is in the frame, you can write all the love notes your heart desires with your dry erase marker. Write. Impress. Erase. Repeat!

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