Acrylic Painting Ideas

A fun DIY project to create a custom love note for your significant other

Crafting time: 20 mins

Skill Levels: Beginner

DIY I Love You Gifts

Learn how to create a reusable love note for your fridge. In this craft project, Amy will show you how to use an acrylic painting technique to create an abstract background with different colors and various sheens. You can show off your artwork by writing a custom love note with a dry-erase marker and update as often as you like. It’s a great idea for a project to do with your spouse to have some fun and show off those painting skills!
Check out this fun tutorial on how to paint a leaf
Crafting time: 20mins
Skill Levels: Beginner

4 Leaf Painting Techniques

Tired of being in the house?  Let’s venture outside and find some leaves to try out these 4 painting acrylic painting techniques. These easy painting ideas allow you to have some fun with different color mixes and enjoy the little things about each leaf.  There’s a ton of flexibility in this project.  You control how much paint to use and the color mixes.  It’s a great project to do with the kids to flex their creativity muscles.

Let's discover how to create an abstract painting
Crafting time: 1-2 hours
Skill Levels: Advanced

How to Create Abstract Art

In this acrylic painting project, Amy experiments with different texture and color schemes to create a unique abstract canvas painting. Learn from her style as she uses a variety of objects to create unique marks, such as a roller and even a paper towel roll to bring new life to a blank canvas. So grab a canvas and some acrylic paint and check out this tutorial to create your own canvas painting.