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My Art Adventure

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What you'll get in this eBook:

This color wheel worksheet displays the primary colors of a color wheel.

Color Wheel Tutorial and Exercises

Learn how to read the color wheel, and gain an eye for what colors go best together. Readers will earn a bit of insight into color theory and discover how to utilize one color to complement another.

Pastel I created based on a picture from Colorado Springs

How to Start A Painting Tutorial

One of the most frustrating parts of expressing creativity, for both new and seasoned artists, is starting a painting. Ideas come and go, and sometimes the creative brain has a hard time nailing down a starting point.

coloring page from my art adventure

6 Coloring Pages

These coloring pages have an fun animal theme and will keep your kid entertain for hours on hours.

The Perfect eBook for Beginners

The My Art Adventure eBook brings it back to basics, which is perfect for those that want to learn how to paint or draw, but don’t have an artistic background. It’s the ideal mixture of coloring pages, art lessons, worksheets, exercises, and DIY painting ideas.

Those of you who are just starting your art journey will love the fundamentals that our eBook offers. By following along with My Art Adventure, you’ll develop skills without frustration.

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